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Maxisize – Product description (from producer)

Maxisize is a specially formulated gel of herbal ingredients than can increase your penis size within weeks. Just apply Maxisize consistently for a couple of months and drastically increase your Penis Size. Maxisize promotes natural penis growth. A two-month course will results in natural growth of at least 1-2 inches. For well over five years, Maxisize has been helping guys just like you bring their sex life back to the boil. With over a million packages sold to more than 12000 satisfied customers.

This cream does not have any side effects and does not cause allergic reactions. Moreover, Maxi Size is not addictive, and, most importantly, the result you have achieved as a result of using it is permanent. You know what women want and how to give it to them. With Maxi Size, you will make them beg for more…and more!

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Advantages of gel:

  • low price;
  • big tube;
  • good reviews;
  • natural ingredients.

Comments and reviews about this gel

“Thank you, Yesterday I picked up the package from the Post Office, all good. I just started to use it. It is really good for the money…also I got a discount for 50 percent…from an offer or something like that…”

“I’m from Bangalore, Karnataka. I ordered Maxisize 6 months ago. Two weeks later the order was delivered from Delhi. Thanks to this Gel I managed to enlarge my penis by 2 cm just in one month! By the way, I ordered using Maxisize official website”

“I used to think that 15.5 cm is a completely normal size. Of course, sex wasn’t always stellar. I came across maxi Size online and thought, why not add on a couple of cantimeters. Within a month and a half of daily use, I added almost 3 cm, and my penis became noticeably thicker and harder. “

Increases muscle mass and strength and nourishes the male reproductive system for improved sexual performance.

How to use MaxiSize gel?

Massage the cream on an erect penis. After massaging with Maxi Size, you will definitely add +4 cm in length.
For best results, apply the cream no more than half an hour before having sex. This will additionally stimulate penis enlargement in length as well as girth. No more worrying about supplements that would make your sterile. Maxisize has NO negative impact on stamina and strength!

Experts opinions from internet

This Gel was invented in the USA less than a year ago. It contains special components that penetrate the cavernous bodies and help them to enlarge and to remember their new dimensions.
Maxisize already for a long time has been used in porn industry, and it has become a wonderful remedy for regular men to be stallions whom all the girls want to have sex with. Maxisize is an effective natural formula developed to restore penile blood flow, stimulate production of testosterone, to nourish and enlarge the male organ. With a three-month course, you can observe an increase of four inches in your peak erection length. That is additional 77% of length for most Indian males.
Maxisize is the only tested supplement that has been proven to sustain penis growth for upto five years. No painful patches or surgeries needed. Natural Herbal ingredients boost your Testosterone levels naturally resulting in enhanced sex drive and better muscle growth. You can see the results for up to three years after consuming a three month course.
93% of our customers have reported a 2 inch increase in Peak Erection Size and 30 mins improvement in erection time with Maxisize

Price and Cheapest offer. Where to buy?

The product is sold over the internet. You pay when you receive your product at home

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Price is in the range of: 27-39 $

Product information is from the manufacturer. If you are ill now, consult your doctor or pharmacist. The effect of using this product (Maxi Size) may vary, depending on the person. This is a supplement, not a drug. This website is not responsible for the product or delivery.
The product is certified; its ingredients, manner of application and directions for use are listed on the packaging.
Price includes delivery; payment is made upon delivery (COD).

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