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Mulberrys Secret – Face cream

Mulberry’s Secret – Product description (from manufacturer)

Mulberry’s Secret Brightening Serum is the result of many years of scientific research. It is based on a complex of natural lightening ingredients from the extracts of mulberry and white lily. Mulberries Secret is a unique cream that helps to keep facial skin glowing and well-groomed. Dark patches on the skin are signs of excessive melanin pigmentation. It occurs as a protective response to the sun stress or it can also be due to genetics. Mulberry’s Secret controls and combats these problems.

Comments and reviews about this face cream

“I was a bit skeptical when I learned about it for the first time, but as I researched more, I found out that Mulberrys Secret is indeed, what a celebrity! and many scientists say that is. It is one of the secret skin whitening products that nobody wants to share. I am not surprised that many women already know about it.”

“My best friend Niki uses MulberrysSecret. I would not believe it and had to do some research myself. I can not believe you have managed to find it in stock for us! I know Niki’s camp is going to be empty soon, so I told her about it. That’s a stroke of luck, thank you!”

“My daughter really needs more beautiful skin. I really hope that’s the solution. Many Thanks.”

It has great whitening qualities, quickly achieves results and hydrates the skin to perfection. It is a hypoallergenic product that contains no toxic components.

Mulberry’s Secret ingredients

MULBERRY EXTRACT – Provides a proper overall tone, brings shine to the skin and gives it with vitamins. Also: betaine, licorice extract, lactic acid, Vitamin E, rosemary oil, kaolin, panthenol, allantoin.

Use it for at least 4 weeks

Experts opinions about this cream

A bright and even complexion is something every girl dreams about. Many cosmetic products contain aggressive bleaching components that only temporarily lighten the pigmented areas. The problem is that after treatment these areas become even darker.
Omega light it’s a patented innovation based on the modern method of “molecular design” that produces an active combination of piperonyl alcohol and linoleic acid from safflower seeds.
The exclusive technology allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin cells as deeply as possible. No other product has such an effect. It improves the discoloration in the areas where it is needed. It neutralizes the coloring effect of melanin and it protects cells from aggressive environmental factors and stress.
It contains only harmless and tested components. The serum is also recommended for people with sensitive skin: it contains no parabens, artificial colors, mineral oils or products of animal origin.

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