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Varikosette – Product description (from producer)

The cream Varikosette has a powerful effect due to its unique composition, which comprises everything necessary for effective varix treatment and gives beauty and health to skin. Such effectiveness and quick effect are achieved thanks to natural components of the cream Varikosette. Its predecessors were only meant to fight the consequences of the disease by relieving pain and eliminating swelling. Thousands of positive reviews throughout the world confirm the guarantee of result!

Comments and reviews about this cream

“I got varicose veins during pregnancy. I don’t have the possibility to go to expensive doctors, this is why I tried to get rid of this awful thing with all the remedies I found in stores, but everything was in vain. The fifth remedy I tried was exactly the Varicosette cream which was recommended by my sister. My legs are as good as new in just a week.”

“I inherited my varicose veins from my mother, she also struggled with this disease in her youth. I did not have such swollen veins, but this scary spiderweb was very unaesthetic. I ordered Varikosete and I did not regret at all. After a week, I already ran to the mall and I bought all the clothes I wished before, but I was to embarrassed to wear because of the varicosis.”

“After 10 days of using this cream, the pain was completely gone! Now I am active again, and my garden regained its careful master.”

Varikosette ingredients

Gingko biloba extract, essential oils of lemon, soybean and coconut, sweet chestnut extract Troxerutin.

The Varikosette cream consists of entirely natural components, it doesn’t contain parabens, dyes, synthetic perfumes and GMO products. The product has passed certification and has no contraindications.

Varikosette strengthens the valves, restores the nerve connections, improves their nutrition and normalises blood circulation.

Experts opinions from internet

The valves in the varicose veins are tightly closed. As a result, the blood goes down the veins and stagnates in the legs, causing pain. Some patients suffering from varicose veins think they are a cosmetic flaw. They wear clothes to hide them and do not do anything to heal them. Varikosette helps reducing veins distensibility and congestion. By acting at the microcircular level, Varikosette reduces the fragility of capillaries as well as the vascular permeability and increases their resistance. The veins appear healthy, the nods disappear. Blood circulation is normalised, immediately improving the functioning of the heart, brain and intestines.

Regular use of the product during 1.5 weeks provides the first visible improvements of the varicosity signs. It nourishes and tones the skin of your legs, removes tiny fractures and micro damages.

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Recommended course duration – 28 days

Price is in the range of: $30-49


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