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The PharmaFiber health formula contains a useful Pre-Biotic which your body uses to feed the proBiotic in your gut. Doctor Slim PharmaFiber contains Oligofructose enriched inulin, which is a form of plant fiber that provides nutrients to the good bacteria that live in your digestive system. This way you can get through your day without having to snack on things you shouldn’t. Curb the cravings while providing your body with the energy that it needs!

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“A lot of the fiber stuff can be chalky or have a bad aftertaste – but not this one! I usually add some juice to my smoothies for Sweetness factor but didn’t need to when I used this supplement. I had no unpleasant surprise side effects – in fact I did feel like the supplement worked well in curbing appetite and helped with digestive issues.”

“This product made life so much easier. The fact that this is a liquid makes me so happy because i really hate the powders for drinks but i found they worked so i kept using them every day. Now that I have tried this pharmafiber, I will not go back! It is convenient to carry with me too!”

“I got it not to lose weight, but because I get constipated because I take opioids daily because of my chronic pain and I swear it has started to help. That was magic or something!  I put some in some water after lunch, it has a pleasant fruity taste which helps me with my after lunch sugar craving.”

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The Doctor Slim formula contains a useful Pre-Biotic. Inulin is present in high concentrations in chicory root, agave, and even dandelions. It is present to a lesser extent in bananas, wheat, onions, asparagus, rye, and barley. Indeed, it has been found in over 36,000 plants around the world.

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As you get older, your body has different needs. Those over the age of 35 should consider adhering to grazing eating habits as the body slows down. The main reason that your body feels this way is because it runs out of fuel. The food that you are eating is not providing you with the energy that you need. You need to be taking a Pre-Biotic to fuel that pro-biotic. Pharma Fiber serves that need. Easy-to-use gel can be squeezed into water, or any other beverage any time you feel you need a snack replacement.

The DoctorSlim has good ingredients. The laboratory, animal and human studies reported in the medical literature are impressive and it is only just beginning. The benefits of these prebiotic fibers include better digestive health, improved immunity to disease, better appetite control, reduced anxiety, improved mineral absorption, stronger bones and more.

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