Spider-Man Sky Hero
Marvel Licensed Spider-Man Sky Hero

What is Spider-Man Sky Hero

Spider-Man Sky Hero is a technology that appeared on sale in 2017 of the year. For a few months it is very popular and acquires new fans. Procudent informs that it is safe to use and was made by the best specialists.
Spider-Man Sky Hero belongs to the category: Kids, New Technology and Sport and has no negative feedback yet.
The package contains a leaflet with all the information. SpiderMan Sky Hero should be used according to the recommendations.

Additional Information:

Country of origin: United States
Price: 59 – 69 $
Available in the country: United States
Delivery: Pay by credit card

Spider-Man Sky Hero description from manufacturer

he Sky Hero is made of durable and lightweight polymer plastic, ensuring tons of fun even for beginners. It also has 4 channel controls meaning you can fly up/down, forward/backward, strafe left/right and rotate left/right. The internal gyro means you’ll always get a smooth flight.


Marvel Licensed Spider-Man Sky Hero 2.4GHz 4.5CH RC Drone
2.4GHz Transmitter
4 Spare Rotor Blades
Rotor Guards
USB Charging Cable

Where to buy? What is the price?

The Marvel Licensed SpiderMan Sky Hero is available for purchase. Maybe it will also go to stationary stores.

You Can buy SpiderMan Hero cheapest here >

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