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Walabot is a handheld 3D-imaging device that plugs into your Android phone and allows you to see through walls, materials and objects. Walabot is manufactured by Vayyar Imaging, a 3D modern imaging sensor company that provides customers with a way to see through objects, liquids and materials.
Perhaps not everyone knows that the parent technology, Vayyar, was originally developed for breast cancer screening, providing something much more portable than a popular mammogram machine, and making it easier, cheaper and safer for women to be scanned.

How Walabot works?

Walabot is created using radio frequency machinery the same technique we use for Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and radar systems. Is able to use RF to see through powerful objects and Berman claims it emits a fraction of the radiation that our cellphones do. There are small antennas in the Walabot firing out signals and sensors to pick up the reflections.

The device is the same size as a smartphone and easily attaches to it via a magnet supplied in the box, and placed on the back of Android phone. Because Walabot only works with Android phones. The iOS version is on their roadmap.

In the games Walabot can see your kicks and jumps, use it to program VR games that react to your entire body, controller free. Now you can measure the speed of moving objects; a golf ball being hit, the car that just drove past you, and other moving items. Also Walabot can create 3D images that are accessible on smart devices and PC.

Price and reviews

” I’m a tradesmen. I shoot millions of nails a year. This is definitely something I’d be interested in. Especially for training someone. ” “Really cool Transducer, we would love to think of some unusual applications for it.” “Amazing!For the next week… Depth detection should be great ;)”

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